As you can imagine preparing vegetables for our customers produces a fair amount of waste, for example potato skins and carrot peel.

We aim to ensure all of this waste is put to good use here at Zest, below are some examples of how we are doing this.

Livestock feed

We have a few local farmers who take some of this food waste away to feed their pigs and other livestock. This provides a good source of food for the animals. It’s good to know this food waste is put to further use and not sent to landfill.

If you would like to know more or you are a local farmer who would like to utilise some of the food waste please let us know!


We are also implementing new technology in the form of an enzyme digester, which reduces food waste into a liquid which can flow down the normal waste system to be re-used alongside ‘normal’ waste liquids.

We are always interested in hearing your ideas of how we can use the waste differently to so please get in touch!